Friday, November 9, 2012 SANDY!

SANDY, SANDY, SANDY…..and your eyes and so much more!

When we are faced with a devastating storm such as Sandy routines go into chaos. Many of us lost power for several days. Many of our fellow New Yorkers lost everything. As a physician I realize that when faced with just eating and staying warm taking our medications is often forgotten. It is just so important to continue taking your diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, glaucoma, and other medications on as regular a schedule as possible. Emblem Health is offering to waive authorizations for visits in evacuation areas and is allowing earlier refills on prescription medications if needed. Traumatic events stress our bodies and our emotions. It is at these times that our bodies need to function more efficiently. Please remember to take your medications. As the weather gets chilly, please bundle up and stay warm. As a member of the Lions Club I am also collecting old eyeglasses for donation. Feel free to drop off old glasses. I will make sure that they get sent to the needy. New Yorkers are strong. We are resilient. We will get through this tough time. Make sure to hug your family members. Make sure to say hi to your neighbors. In the end, it is the human spirit that rises above us all. Be a proud American!

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