February 15, 2013 Genetic testing for Macula Degeneration?

Hi Doctor Guthrie

With all the genetic testing going on recently- is there anything new that I may want to know?

There is some real exciting new research going on with Age Related Macula Degeneration(AMD). We all hear how devastating “wet” AMD can be. We also know people who go to their docs for injections into the eye every couple of months to halt the progression of newly discovered “wet” AMD. These injections have added many years of useful vision and life to many of our patients. There’s a new test that will let a patient know who has early AMD if he/she is at low, moderate or high risk for developing the “bad,wet” AMD in their lifetime. More incredible it can accurately predict if the progression will occur in 2, 5 or 10 years. It’s all done with a swab of inside of your cheek. Most insurances cover the test. I do it in my Manhattan office. The only exclusion so far is Asian subset and one must be 55 years of age or older. Some of my patients don’t want to know. I fully understand that position, but if you are sitting on the fence as to whether nutriceuticals for the eyes are for you, this a simple, yet powerful test may be for you. Remember always to eat your leafy greens- the more pigmented the vegetable the healthier it is.

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