Lions Club sponsors Pizza/Magic show event August 13,2013

IMG_4923The children, parents, staff and guests of Hour Children Camp were treated to a special Pizza Party and Magician Tuesday night August 13th at St. Ritas Convent in Astoria. The camp is located at St. Rita’s Convent on 12th Street in Astoria. Hour Children is the life work of Sister Teresa Fitzgerald

Wonderful Pizza and beverages were generously donated by Foodcellar Market and Eatery, Long Island City, where Metin Mangut is a partner and also a member of the Lion’s Club. Danielle Perry from Foodcellar’s Marketing Department helped with serving the Pizza and the event.  Chef John Dallaire, owner of MAIDPro in Long Island City and a member of the Lions Club volunteered to bake several gluten free pizza for those that are on special diets.
Lisa Belfast at Hour Children Camp helped to coordinate the event.  Lions Club members participating included Nick Vaglica, President; Dr. Debra Guthrie; 1st Vice President; Denis Venturino, Secretary; John Dallaire; Treasurer; John Edibohls; and Arthur Rosenfield, Co-Chairman.

There are more than 11,000 children in New York State whose mothers are imprisoned. Many are sent to live with relatives or foster families, and are shunted from household to household and school to school. The child’s insecurities are worsened by the fact that their mother have little or no access to phones. The absence of their mother leaves them vulnerable, particularly the older children, who face increased risk of involvement with crime, substance abuse, truancy, and other anti-social behaviors. Without proper care and attention, these children also become victims of the prison system.

The core of Hour Children’s work is to reverse this vicious cycle.

Hour Children is a multi-faceted family service organization that provides housing, both permanent and transitional, and a wide array of supportive services that transform the lives of women and their families involved in the criminal justice system.

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