Looking refreshed!

Cosmetic BOTOX– Dr. Guthrie provides cosmetic BOTOX to her patients . Having an artistic eye coupled with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy Dr. Guthrie is the right choice. If you are starting to notice smile lines at the sides of your eyes and some deep furrows across your brows Botox may soften your look. People in their thirties or forties, or older are having BOTOX injected in smaller doses. This allows for a more natural, relaxed look without losing movement in the face. Starting at a younger age may slow down the deepening of the skin creases, static creases, that age us. These dynamic expression lines are gently softened. Botox┬« has been safely used for over 10 years for the treatment of spasms of the eye. It was noted that many of the patients also noted improvement of wrinkles around the eye after their Botox┬« treatments.

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